FUSE Desking

The fast, easy way to start and finish a deal.

FUSE Desking makes car deals easy.

A user friendly, cutting-edge interface gives sales people a guided path for every interaction while also allowing for deep dealership customization and adjustments. A step by step process maximizes profitability and ensures every transaction provides a consistent customer experience.

Vehicle Selection

Specials & Inventory Integration

Whether you have one hundred cars or one hundred thousand, FUSE catalogs them all and makes it easy to find the perfect car. Customers can sort by all the usual – year, make, model, trim – or get right to the point with VIN or stock number lookup.

Plus, with IGNITE integration, FUSE will display every available special offer right in the tool. Creating that perfect advertised Sign & Drive special is as easy as tapping ‘Go’.

Trade-In Management

Trades made easy

A built in trade estimator works with the major trade books to generate competitive trade values. FUSE can handle multiple trades with ease and by finding payoffs via VIN makes dealing with trades a breeze.

FUSE Autotech with Integrated Trade Evaluation
FUSE Autotech Advanced Payment Calculation

Intelligent Calculators

Advanced payment generation

This isn’t just a payment calculator. FUSE uses artificial intelligence and smart integrations to find real, desk-able numbers. It allows customers and salespeople the ability to work lease and finance payments using actual bank rates, residuals, incentives, rebates, dealer fees, taxes and state registration. Rest easy knowing that every number shown by FUSE is backed by real-time, accurate calculations whether your customer is using the mobile app at home or working alongside a salesperson in-store.

Large Lender Database

Scan hundreds of lenders to get the best deal structure

It’s like a built in finance office. Scanning over 800 options means FUSE will display the most competitive numbers out there. Automated approvals means deals can be completed in record time, without a visit to the finance office. One sales person can complete an entire transaction from start to finish.

Explore Every Payment Option
Built In Credit Application and Approval

Credit Application

Built in credit application for fast approvals

Filling out the integrated credit application gets an almost instantaneous response – speeding along the transaction.

F&I Product Presentation

Fully customizable F&I product menu

Multiple steps along the way encourage the addition of F&I products and accessories.  Whether it’s a service contract, GAP coverage or a heavy duty trailer hitch – it’s all presented here and easily added to any deal. Fully customizable menus allow a dealership to present any custom products or contracts. Or, save time and use FUSE’s tried and true menu presentation created by industry professionals.

Fully Customizable F&I Menu
Esign and document storage

Purchase Agreements, ADditional Disclosures and More

Digital document storage and e-signature capabilities

Save some trees and say goodbye to the paperwork. FUSE’s 100% digital environment focuses on digital documentation and e-signatures. Every completed deal is securely stored for future reference. This digital integration also means that any part of the deal completed online can easily be picked up in-store whenever the customer is ready.

Simple. Trainable. Profitable.

Whether your employees are fresh out of school or have years of experience – FUSE simplifies the sales process so your entire sales force can feel more confident in their abilities. Integrations and automation means deals are done faster, allowing more customers to get in and out all while enjoying a more transparent, easy experience.

Getting started is easy.

Our dedicated process team has years of experience in training and implementing FUSE and will help you every step of the way. Whether you’re interested in the nitty-gritty of how it works or want to see some detailed ROI – contact us below. We’d love to show you how FUSE Autotech can have you selling more cars in no time.

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