FUSE makes financing a car simple, in‑store and online.

FUSE is the first automotive Finance Management System (FMS). It enables the processes that sell more cars in less time.

FUSE Autotech Deal Calculator

A seamless digital-to-dealership experience

Transactions in FUSE can be started and completed where-ever and whenever. Customers can begin the process online at their own pace and pick up right where they left off when they get to the dealership. It’s an intuitive, connected experience that saves everyone time and creates a better customer experience.

Leveraging Technology To Future Proof The Dealership.

FUSE delivers an intuitive, transparent, and fast way to buy a car. FUSE eliminates operational inefficiencies and provides a seamless transition from online shopping to the in-store purchase. It’s a one-of-a-kind customer experience only made possible with a system created from the ground up.

Deals get done faster with a lower cost to sell. Customers get the best, most competitive terms. Everyone wins.

FUSE Autotech Mobile Application

Selection to Signature Means Everyone Takes the Fast Lane

An easy to use, automated sales process speeds up transactions meaning more deals get out the door. FUSE allows just one person to complete the entire vehicle transaction from start to finish. From vehicle selection to paperwork signatures: everything is completed in one comprehensive ecosystem. When anyone on the floor can run the numbers, no customers is ever left waiting – or worse: walking out the door.

FUSE Inventory Screen

Vehicle Selection

Shoppers can search your inventory through your website or directly in the FUSE showroom app. Seamless integration means pricing and descriptions are consistent throughout the purchase journey.

Payment Generation

Shoppers configure payments and select using a “Priceline” experience. Payment and financial institution choices build trust and confidence in fair pricing.

FUSE Screenshot Payment Calculator
FUSE Payment Generator

Shopper REview

Transparency creates trust and sells cars. Terms are disclosed and the dealer value proposition is reinforced.


Instant decisioning is available for most credit tiers. Shoppers select a payment and lender, apply for credit and see the decision in real time.

FUSE F&I Menu Screen


Whether it’s a service contract, GAP coverage or a heavy duty trailer hitch – it’s all presented here and easily added to any deal. Fully customizable menus let you present any custom products or contracts.


Your customers can sign online at home or at the dealership. A “ready to print” function handles documents that require a live signature. FUSE lets you collect authoritative signatures that complete the deal. FUSE integrates with your DMS and eliminates double entry. Deals are ready for funding faster than ever before.

FUSE Screen E SIgnature

Supercharge Your Salesforce to Sell More Cars

30 minutes

That's the average vehicle transaction time, from start to finish.

FUSE Payment Generator

One System Does It All.

An omnichannel solution with an ecommerce platform. FUSE handles every aspect of a vehicle transaction in a trainable, user-friendly interface.
FUSE replaces multiple internal and external dealership systems to streamline automotive financing. One easy to use, interconnected program handles everything and eliminates costly redundancies.

Smart, Open Platform Design

FUSE Autotech integrates with major automotive tech partners to connect vehicle specials, inventory, data intelligence, CRM and more. Designed with flexibility in mind, FUSE can easily adapt to any dealer’s sales systems and processes.

CDK Global
FI Express

FUSE provides a comprehensive end-to-end journey. Every part of the sales process is here.

Digital retailing, desking, F&I menus and more: with FUSE anyone can take a customer from start to finish without skipping a beat. No more waiting, no more slowdowns. FUSE removes bottlenecks and gets customers on the road fast than ever before. All with a complete, customizable experience.

FUSE Trade Evaluation

Sophisticated AI and a cloud-connected database give you options that other tools simply can't.

Calculate and rank thousands of finance options in nanoseconds. Our database includes over 800 lenders so you’ll always display the most advantageous repayment options available.

And the best part? It’s all contained in a user-friendly interface that anyone can use and understand.

US Bank
Chase Bank
Ally bank
Acura Financial Services
Audi Financial Services
BMW Financial Services
Chrysler Financial
GM Financial
Honda Financial Services
Hyundai Finance
Lexus Financial
Mazda Financial Services
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
Porsche FInancial Services
Subaru Finance

The CSI doesn't lie. This is what car buyers are asking for.

Full transparency, accurate calculations and efficient transactions result in improved CSI and happier customers. There’s no disconnect between online and in-store tools. FUSE provides the connected shopping experience that customers are expecting and the key to transactions that are faster than anywhere else.


Finance Management System
  • Website & Specials Integration
  • Advanced Online & In-store Desking
  • Customizable F&I Products & Accessories
  • Native Credit Application & Finance Approval
  • Smart Finance Menu & E-Signature Capability
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