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Say 'goodbye' to manually calculating (and re‑calculating) your special offers.

Save time, increase revenue and take the headache out of the specials process. Ignite automatically finds and posts your best, ad-compliant specials so you can focus on more important things. Advertising your  vehicle specials and keeping them up-to-date 24/7 has never been more accurate, quick and easy.

Using flexible data integrations Ignite generates the best available offers based on inventory, pricing, rebates, incentives, rates, residuals and dealership set parameters.

The best part? It’s all done automatically.

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Perform daily inventory scans and update your specials based on vehicle availability.

Being first to market is easy when every possible special is always available. Ignite constantly scans your inventory to make sure every special you advertise is always up to date.

Calculate thousands of offers and generate the best available special.

Advanced AI sorts through available financing rates, OEM incentives and other variables to find the best special offer. You’ll never need to worry about finding a lower payment or updating specials when incentives change.

Data rich integrations and cross platform functionality.

Ignite integrates with many preferred partners and vendors for seamless integrations. It is incredibly easy to incorporate Ignite into your existing special ecosystem.

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Real Results from real, calculated offers

Reach every customer possible with A.I. generated offers on every vehicle model you sell.

Your specials page is one of the most visited parts of your website. Ignite ensures that you are always delivering the most up to date, relevant offers to every visitor.

Automatically calculate and advertise finance, APR and lease payments based on up-to-the-minute incentives. Ignite’s generated lease offers are proven to drive a higher level of lease penetration, which equates to future growth of new car sales.


Ignite is 100% automated so you'll never have to worry about your specials again.


Check your stats, specials and settings anytime, anywhere.

Ignite’s cloud-based app allows you to review advertised vehicles, see currently running offers, and adjust your custom settings from any mobile device.
Mobile Optimized Vehicle Offers

Advanced Calculations

Artificial Intelligence finds and displays the best available payment or APR from thousands of lease and finance scenarios.

Speed to Market

Have specials on your website 100% of the time with one or more offers for every vehicle model you sell.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates ensure your specials are up to date whenever rebates, incentives, rates or residuals change.

Customizable Settings

You’re in control. Ignite’s settings are fully customizable so you can adjust your offers based on desired sales or inventory levels.

Preferred Lenders

Scan your inventory against all available banks and find lenders to add to your preferred list.

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