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A Point of Sale System for Car Dealerships

News and Insights July 14, 2021

1 minute read

Virtually every retail business has a point of sale system. Retailers, whether they are online, bricks and mortar or both need a convenient friction-free way to transact and get paid. Systems like Square, Shopify, and Toast have empowered businesses large and small to create a better shopping (and paying) experience. These applications make the transaction intuitive, transparent, and speedy. By giving the customer control over the process they help to create trust.

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FUSE is the first Finance Management System (FMS) for car dealerships.

Up until now, dealerships have had to use several software systems to sell a car. Multiple systems cause confusion, are less transparent, and are more prone to errors. It’s difficult to give customers control and build trust when customers move from office to office and application to application. FUSE is a single screen application that can be deployed online, in-store, or both. FUSE promotes transparency, quicker transactions, and trust (by giving shoppers a measure of control).

Of course, selling a car is much more complex than selling a coffee and a donut. In fact, other than buying a home it may be the most complicated financial transaction most families experience. FUSE reduces complexity by using the same principles as the POS system we use in a retail store or coffee shop.

  • A single screen with all purchase options available in an intuitive interface
  • Accurate pricing including taxes and fees
  • Allowing the shopper control in the process
  • Providing the same interface online and in-store

Dealerships will benefit from adopting a Finance Management System (FMS). Selling a car will never be as simple as selling a cup of coffee but now it can be easier, faster, and more transparent. Dealerships who are early adopters can discover a meaningful way to differentiate their business by improving the customer experience.

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Streamlined, sleek, and incredibly fast, FUSE is your all-in-one solution to selling cars in-store and online in 30 minutes or less.


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