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FUSE & Fintech: Q&A with CEO Colton Ray

How is FUSE empowering dealerships and transforming the retail experience of car buying? What technology shifts are...

6 min read

Grabbing Market Share During a Market Disruption

Walser Automotive Group Case Study Franchise auto dealers are enjoying unprecedented margin power created by continued...

4 min read

The Future of FUSE: Q&A with VP of Sales Tom Ryan

When it comes to the automotive industry, Tom Ryan has truly seen it all.  As the Vice President of Sales at FUSE, he...

5 min read

FUSE Completes $10,000,000 Series A Funding

Fintech Platform FUSE Autotech Raises $10M in Series A Funding Led by Target Global Investor base brings together...

2 min read

A Point of Sale System for Car Dealerships

Virtually every retail business has a point of sale system. Retailers, whether they are online, bricks and mortar or...

1 min read

What Would Apple Do?

Speculation about Apple entering automotive abounds . Will they only provide an automotive iOS for others to integrate?...

6 min read

Say Hello to FUSE

I was asked a question the other day that gave me pause. “What makes a car dealer think they can be an innovative...

3 min read

FUSE Autotech and Andrew Walser Featured in Automotive News

FUSE is making news. Automotive News reporter Jackie Charniga spoke with FUSE’s Andrew Walser about the beginning of...

1 min read

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Copyright 2022 FUSE Autotech, All rights reserved.