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Solved: How to Build Sustainable Dealer Profitability

With retail automotive dealers coming off two years of record profits, now is the time to position your dealership for sustained profitability when the market inevitably normalizes.  Let’s take a...

8 min read

Single Point of Contact: 5 Benefits of SPOC for Dealerships

 Transitioning to a single-point-of-contact (SPOC) sales model is one of the rare times in business where adding efficiency does not come at the expense of customer or employee satisfaction. Quite...

7 min read

Working at FUSE: Q&A with Head of Engineering Johnny Mor

What’s the secret to building a successful engineering team? What traits or skills does an automotive fintech startup look for in candidates?  And what’s it like to apply for a job at FUSE? These are...

8 min read

Automotive Marketing Trends: 5 Strategies for Success

The car buying process has evolved substantially over the years. What used to be an entirely in-person experience is now often initiated online and finalized in person. By the time most car buyers...

13 min read

Auto Retailing: 5 Predictions for the Future

The automotive industry is evolving. Increases in population, road traffic, and cost of living paired with growing environmental concerns are steering more people towards alternative transportation...

14 min read

The History of Automotive Retail and a Guide to the Dealership of the Future

Today’s electric and hybrid cars appear nearly unrecognizable when compared to the first gas-powered car models created in the 1880s. The same cannot be said for the actual process of buying a...

9 min read

FUSE & Fintech: Q&A with CEO Colton Ray

How is FUSE empowering dealerships and transforming the retail experience of car buying? What technology shifts are shaping the future of fintech in the automotive world?  And what is the secret...

6 min read

The Future of FUSE: Q&A with VP of Sales Tom Ryan

When it comes to the automotive industry, Tom Ryan has truly seen it all.  As the Vice President of Sales at FUSE, he brings over 40 years of experience to dealers, customers, and everyone in...

5 min read

A Point of Sale System for Car Dealerships

Virtually every retail business has a point of sale system. Retailers, whether they are online, bricks and mortar or both need a convenient friction-free way to transact and get paid. Systems like...

1 min read

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